soda is often consulting with clients at the strategic level, helping them to define a robust go-to-market strategy and make sound marketing investments.

We help brands with their: Programme creation and management strategic long-term programmes that deliver ROI. Messaging and proposition development to best position and differentiate products and services to drive deman

Our strategy process

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The initial immersion is all about understanding the goals of the organisation, how marketing can impact these positively and what context we are operating in.

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Here is where we work with your existing insights (customer, market, your organisation and product portfolio) and also external desk research to spot opportunities and gaps.

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With the insight we’ve gained, we work quickly to get to the heart of the challenge, and work with clients to create the approach.

Outputs can be:

  • - Positioning options – the story you need to tell.
  • - Messaging matrix – a structure to present key messages.
  • - Programme design – how you can get to market successfully.

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It’s critical that marketing and agencies don’t work in a bubble. We actively look to gain external and internal inputs from the stakeholders who matter.

  • - Stakeholder buy-in: working closely with marketing teams to get the business on-board, including the all-important sales teams.
  • - Testing and refinement: getting customer inputs to help us refine the approach.

Launch, analyse, optimise accordion-plus accordion-minus


We help clients to maximise the value of our work by helping them launch and embed new approaches into the business. But it doesn’t stop there. Strategies work best when they are refined by live data; how customers are interacting, where and why. We work with clients to interpret the data for better commercial returns.

Evaluation and optimisation

  • - Measurement, reporting and analysis.
  • - Recommendations for refinement and adjustments to strategy, message, media and tactics.


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